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Verbs Conjugated with être


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Français Anglais
aller to go
arriver to arrive
descendre to descend
devenir to become
entrer to enter
monter to climb
mourir to die
naître to be born
partir to leave
passer to pass by
rentrer to go back in
rester to stay
retourner to return
revenir to come back
sortir to go out
tomber to fall
venir to come




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Word video
  Français Anglais
D devenir to become
R revenir to come back
M mourir to die
R retourner to return
S sortir to go out
V venir to come
A arriver to arrive
N naître to be born
D descendre to descend
E entrer to enter
R rentrer to go back in
T tomber to fall
R rester to stay
A aller to go
M monter to climb
P partir to leave
P passer to pass by


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